Thursday, August 31, 2017

Introducing Booster Juice!

We’re always looking for feedback about our services (tell us how we’re doing here now!), and one of the most frequent requests we’ve received is to get a Booster Juice on campus. Well it’s finally happening!

Opening soon on the 4th floor of the University Centre beside our full service restaurant Bakers, Booster Juice will be making it’s first appearance on campus. It should be open by September 14th, just as students are returning for the new academic year.

Is there another restaurant or kind of food you’d like to see on campus? Let us know by filling out our feedback form!

Or, visit our Booster Juice page for information like hours of operation, payment methods and more!

Thursday, August 31, 2017 in
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2 thoughts on “Introducing Booster Juice!”

  1. Lauren Thompson says:

    Why would you ever take away a Tim Hortons on campus.. that is extremely dumb. I am not impressed at all.

    1. davidtownsend says:

      Hey Lauren, first of all, thanks for the feedback. While the Booster Juice was brought in due to demand from students, we understand that not everyone will be happy with losing a Tims location on campus. We’re working on speeding up service at the 1st floor Tims, with the installation of a third cash register and better staffing having already been implemented, and are looking for other ways to improve things further.

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