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We know that today’s students have more dining options than ever before. Carleton University Dining Services offers customer-oriented eateries featuring broad and varied menu choices. We have created an environment that offers students quality, value, convenience and excitement.

Responsible and Sustainable Food

Currently, 24% of our purchases are comprised of local, ecological and humane foods; sustainable seafood, and Fair Trade / Rain Forest Alliance Certified coffees, teas and other products.


We support local farmers by purchasing produce in season – look for local vegetables and fruits within our locations, they change by the season.

Locally Sourced
Visit the Farmer’s Market in the caf for dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients every day, as well as special features at The Mix.

Fair Trade

Carleton is proud to be a Fair Trade certified campus. All of our coffee is Fair Trade as well as a selection of tea, chocolate, and other products. Learn more about our journey here:

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Food Waste Reduction

This program helps measure, track and reduce food waste on campus – on average reducing food waste by 15% to date!

In 2016 alone, we saved over 35,000 cups from going to landfill


Initiatives are taking place across campus to divert food waste from landfills and cycle it back to the earth!

Recycling Oil

Our partner ClearFry picks up our used fryer oil and recycles it into bio-diesel fuel, which is then used to power landscape vehicles.

Recycled Materials

Separation and recycling of metal, plastic, glass and cardboard is happening at all our locations for both employees and customers.

Trayless Dining

We’ve eliminated the use of trays at all our locations. Removing trays reduces food waste by 25-30% per person!

Oil Filtration

Our fryer oil is filtered to help reduce waste and improve taste – usage has been reduced by 30% saving approximately 4000L a year and recycling the rest.

Sustainable Seafood

95% of our seafood is contracted sustainably as per Marine Stewardship Council, Best Aquaculture Practices, OceanWise Certifications, and identified as sustainable by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.

No Foam on Campus

From September 2007 onwards we removed all foam replacing them with more environmentally friendly packaging.


Our napkins are biodegradable and made from 100% recycled content.

Energy Savings

Reusable Programs

Reusable cutlery, service, and glassware are provided at the caf as well as Classic Fare Catering to help reduce the amount of single use disposable waste entering the campus waste stream.

Green Paper Products

Our EcoLogo Certified napkins help save 146 trees, 60,056 gallons of water, 34,318 kilowatts of energy, and recycles over 17,159 pounds of waste paper.

Greener Packaging

Where possible we source recyclable and compostable ‘To Go’ containers, bowls, plates, as well as cutlery across campus.

Green Cleaning

Our daily cleaning program uses environmentally preferable and Green Seal certified products with packaging that is also source reduced, recyclable or contains up to 25% post consumer content!

Greener Equipment

To help conserve water and energy we source Energy Star certified equipment where possible for all new purchases.

Energy Conservation

As part of an ongoing initiative, LED lighting is used to minimize power consumption used by regular lighting.

Staff Training

Our staff participates in Sustainability, Energy & Water Conservation and Waste Management training sessions.

Saving Water

Our dish washing machine outlets preserve water by having low flow nozzles that regulate its usage.