Make a positive impact on our climate with your next plate!

Coolfood Meals are recipes that have been identified to have a low carbon footprint, meeting the level of food-related emissions the World Resource Institute’s (WRI) research say we need meals to have by 2030. Coolfood Meals are a simple and delicious way for you to help the planet! Using an ingredients list, WRI calculates a dish’s carbon footprint by analyzing the agricultural supply chain and land used to produce the meal. If the carbon footprint falls below an established per-meal threshold and meets nutritional standards, it is certified as a Coolfood Meal. Learn more about the details of our Coolfood Meals identification process!

Want to know where and how to find Coolfood Meal menu items on campus?

Look for the Coolfood Meal icon, located on all of our menus both in our residence dining hall and our retail locations. It is the easiest way to find low-climate impact food!