Photo of Pohang Chin

Pohang Chin

Sous Chef



    Chef Pohang was born in Hong Kong, but he moved to Ireland and studied there starting at a very young age. He then begun his culinary career at the age of 16. He studied at the Galway Mayo Institution of Technology and upon graduation, received a Bachelor of Business in Culinary Arts degree. While he was in Ireland, he worked in many hotels and restaurants, learning different types of cuisines and styles of cooking. In his early 20s, he moved back to Hong Kong and pursued his culinary career. He has worked with some famous chefs while in Hong Kong including Chris Woodyard, who has received a Michelin Star, and Anthony Hammel. Chef Pohang has just recently moved to Canada in the middle of 2023 and immediately joined the Carleton Dining Services team! Besides from cooking, Chef Pohang enjoys watching movies, hiking and traveling around.