Photo of Lily Suwanti

Lily Suwanti

Sous Chef



    Chef Lily was born in Indonesia, and she has loved cooking ever since she was a child. Lily and her sister always helped in her family’s restaurant. She and her whole family eventually moved to Canada. Chef Lily began working at Carleton Dining Services 17 years ago as a cook at Oasis. Since then. she has gotten the opportunity to work at many locations including Tunnel Junction, Bent Coin, Loeb Cafe, and the Food Court. Most recently, she has worked her way up to now become a Sous Chef! Chef Lily loves making fun dishes at The Mix for students to enjoy including Bubble Tea, Wonton Soup and many other kinds of dishes from Asia. She also loves to bake! Prior to the pandemic, Chef Lily also worked part time as an assistant chef for both the Australian Embassy and the Indonesian Embassy, helping with special events like the Indonesian Food Bazaar. During her off days she loves exploring the outdoors with her dog Mochi and enjoys travelling the world to experience different cultures and cuisines. Chef Lily really enjoys cooking all food but when it comes to eating, she loves spicy food and seafood.