What a great time of the year! Exams are coming to an end and summer is approaching. Whatever your plans are, whether it’s to stay and enjoy Ottawa or to go back home to visit family, we wish you well. We’re here to offer you some simple tips on how to enjoy summer while still keeping nutrition in mind. Let’s jump into it!

The hot and humid weather can increase our fluid requirements because we sweat more and therefore lose more water. Try these tips and tricks to keep hydrated during the summer:

  • Keep a bottle of water at your desk or on hand when you are at work. Having the visual cue of the water bottle next to you can help remind you to drink.
  • Choose beverages such as water, milk, or soy beverage more often than juice or pop.
  • Get creative! Add your favorite fresh fruits and herbs to your water for a burst of flavor!

We’re all for celebrating summer with family and friends with a good old-fashioned barbecue. Keep in mind these tips for a healthier grilling season:

  • Take the opportunity to load up on delicious grilled vegetables! Mushrooms, peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and corn on the cob are all excellent when grilled on the barbecue.
  • Think beyond the typical steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs. Try grilling fish, fresh fruit, and even tofu for a change! You’ll find a handful of healthy meal ideas and cooking tips in Over the Grill!1
  • High temperatures from grilling can react with substances in animal proteins to form carcinogenic compounds called heterocyclic amines.2 To reduce the formation of these compounds, grill lean cuts of meat, avoid charring meat and reduce the heat or raise the height of the grill if food is starting to burn.1

When the hot weather hits, who doesn’t like to enjoy a nice bowl of ice cream or a refreshing popsicle? Try making your own frozen dessert this summer! Here are two simple and nutritious recipes to inspire you:

Try to let go of the “good” food versus “bad” food thinking. Give yourself permission to enjoy all foods in moderation without any guilt. Food is more than just fuel for our body and eating together with family and friends is always a celebration!

Carleton Dining Services wishes you a happy and healthy summer. Stay tuned for more blogs in the new school year!


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