A celebration of local food from the Carleton Community

Each semester we spend a week highlighting local producers that supply our kitchens with ingredients. Local Food Week this fall was taken campus-wide, with locally inspired menus and producer stories at Bent Coin and The Market in the Food Court. Our menu at The Mix in the caf also featured local suppliers all weeklong, with guest local producers visiting on-site while the dish with their ingredients was served.

Farmer Matt Vandenberg, from Rideau Pines, gave this student a t-shirt last year during Local Food Week. The student made sure to stop by The Mix this year for more of Matt’s tasty squash!

For Fall 2019’s Local Food Week we started off with an extra local supplier, Professor Myron Smith! We used his campus-grown peppers to make salsa, which was served with local tortilla chips from Los Cantores! Be sure to sign up for a class with Professor Smith for an opportunity to grow ingredients like hot peppers or potatoes! Ron from Capital Bees joined us on Tuesday, where we used his honey to prepare a succulent pork belly from Slipacoff’s Meats. Stop by the coffee station in the caf for more of Ron’s incredible honey! Wednesday was extra sweet, with double chocolate pancakes made with Fair Trade ingredients from Camino. Camino’s team will be back at the end of October for Fair Trade Campus Week. You won’t want to miss that! On Thursday, one of Carleton Dining’s favourite farmers, Matt Vandenberg from Rideau Pines Farm, stopped by to share some of his amazing tomatoes and gourds. We finished off the week with Pete’s Gluten Free. Our chefs created Cubano sandwiches with his flatbread and Pete brought loads of gluten-free sweet treats to share. Overall, our chefs pulled off an incredible week of local culinary creations. Thank you to all the suppliers who visited campus and helped connect students to the people behind their plates! 

Didn’t have a chance to catch Local Food Week Fall 2019? We are excited to bring you even more suppliers from Ottawa’s community who help make your food possible. Stay tuned!

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