Is it our Dietitians’ birthdays? Well our professional day of Honor is Registered Dietitians Day on March 14th (calendar reminder to follow this post) so feel free to drop by our office but we love the whole month of March and its annual spotlight on the power of Nutrition

Nutrition Month is a yearly campaign during the month of March spearheaded by Dietitians of Canada aimed to encourage people to unlock the potential of nutrition and food to improve health and overall wellbeing. Every year the theme changes with this goal in mind. This year the theme is Unlock the Potential of Food. The campaign has five topics and we’ve taken them and planned a fun filled month of events on campus to support, here they are:

  • Potential to fuel: Stay energized by planning nutritious snacks into your day.
  • Potential to discover: Foster healthy eating habits by teaching cooking and shopping
  • Potential to prevent: Understand how food can help prevent chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • Potential to heal: Learn how food can promote healing and how dietitians work in health care teams to make a difference.
  • Potential to bring us together: Enjoy the benefits of bringing families and friends together with food.

We don’t want to spoil all of the delicious and healthy surprises but a few things we have in store include:

  • Samplings of our Get The Good Stuff products around campus, including new products and limited time offers
  • A new lineup of limited time offers at our retail locations that include a variety of healthy options including our new Power Bowl at The Greens (at Loeb Café and the University Centre Food Court) available as of February 26th
  • At The Mix over in the caf our Dietitian Holly will be hosting Wellness Wednesdays where she will educate us and we can taste some nutritious and fun foods
  • Every Tuesday night at The Mix (it’s all the rage we hear) we’ll be doing a five ingredient recipe series – giving our students the Potential to Discover how fast and simple cooking great food will be

Check out our events page starting this Thursday March 1st for these great events that we have in store for you:

Jane Skapinker RD

Director of Student Engagement, Health & Wellness

Monday, February 26, 2018 in ,
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