Carleton University has officially received Fair Trade Campus designation after a great collaboration from Dining Services, Fair Trade Canada, Fair Trade Carleton, and CUSA.

There are 3 key pillars of becoming a Fair Trade Campus:

  1. A Steering committee comprised of representatives from administration, students, faculty, and food service providers
  2. Product availability, including:
  • 100% Fair Trade Coffee at all of our non-franchise locations
      1. A selection of Fair Trade Tea at all non-franchise locations
  • A choice of Fair Trade Chocolate across campus
  1. Marketing and Visibility

You can find Fair Trade products at all of our non-franchise locations including the caf (formerly the Fresh Food Company), Food Court, Tunnel Junction, Bent Coin, Loeb Café, Bakers Grill, and Catering.
In order to improve our marketing and visibility across campus, we ran a lot of events throughout the past two years
to teach out community about Fair Trade and educate
on where you can buy the products on campus. We held a Fair Trade Campus Week featuring 19 different events including coffee and ice cream giveaways, and information booths and Fair Trade prizes. In the past, we’ve also held speaker panel events, movie nights, etc. to teach out campus about this important initiative.

We are excited to have become Fair Trade Certified as sustainability and being socially responsible are top priorities here at Carleton Dining Services. We aim to continue our efforts of making our campus more sustainable and increase the selection of Fair Trade products that we offer.

Thursday, February 16, 2017 in
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