Photo of Richard Laflèche

Richard Laflèche

Pastry Chef


Richard is a recognized pastry chef with over 35 years of experience in the field. His career started with his education in Algonquin college and Georges Brown College. Richard favorite thing to bake are wedding cakes. Every cake are unique and that personal touch allows for his creativity to play a role. Plating desserts is another favorite of his for the same reason. The proudest moments of his career is participating in the many competitions during his 12 years here, of which his most memorable is the Banqueting Competition in Limerick, Ireland.

He obtained many awards at these competitions, including:

  • Gold Medal for “Individual Desserts” in Toronto and three Bronze Medals in Toronto and London, Ontario
  • Three Silver Medals with Epicurean World Master Chef Society (EWMCS) Banqueting Competition in Ireland and Texas