Photo of Liam Durnin

Liam Durnin

Retail Sous Chef



    At the age of 16, Liam began his culinary career as a dish washer and banquet porter at a small pizzeria and catering outlet right here in Ottawa called Lorenzo’s Pizza.  Through hard work, dedication, combined with his positive attitude, many opportunities at other restaurants followed. His cooking career began merely as a means to pay for his Business Administration education however his love for the industry and the desire to take his kitchen prowess to another level propelled him to apply for the cook position at Carleton University years ago.

    Liam’s growth truly began with his first position as a second cook right here on campus.  Working under Chef John Horton and Chef Toni Kadamani, he progressed at an incredible speed and was promoted to first cook and then Chef de Partie within a short period of time. When Executive Chef Janik Quintal was introduced to the operation, the next stage of Liam’s growth began.  Under the mentorship of Chef Janik and Chef Toni, he journeyed his way through completing his Red Seal Certification. After working a year as the Catering Sous Chef and another year as Saucier at the caf, Liam has now landed in the Food Court as a Retail Sous Chef.

    Although Liam has dedicated much time to the world of culinary arts, he feels that it’s only the tip of the iceberg.  The culinary world, to him, is immeasurable and there seems to be a never ending amount of knowledge and experience to gain within. He believes patience, humility and dedication are the keys to his successes in the past, present and future.