Photo of Daniel Ranger

Daniel Ranger

Sous Chef



    For Daniel Ranger, you could say it all started with a granny smith and pineapple sorbet.

    That sorbet marked an important turning point, because it was the first time in his young adult life that he remembers choosing to push forward in the name of perseverance. For the first time, he wanted to challenge himself as many times as necessary if it brought him one step closer to success.

    Soon enough, Daniel found himself competing in cooking competitions at the national level. He’s also cooked for some of Ottawa’s most popular restaurants such as Jax, Black Cat, Sidedoor, Joey/Local, and El Camino to name a few.

    Much of Daniel’s inspiration comes from the extensive travelling he did during his twenties. A few years after he finished culinary school at Algonquin College, he decided to sell everything he owned and hop on a plane to Southeast Asia to cook alongside cooks and Chefs from various cultures.

    Throughout his career, Daniel has noticed that food is a universal experience that brings people together. Whether he was sharing a table with smiling strangers in Vietnam or sitting down with his French-Canadian family at his late uncle’s home, he learned that the pleasure of sharing a great meal is one that unites all human beings.

    Daniel is currently revisiting his French-Canadian roots, perfecting family recipes. He intends to continue experiencing the foods of foreign lands, to one day master the art of preservation, and to keep learning every day.