Photo of Christopher Francis

Christopher Francis

Sous Chef



    Born in Winchester Ontario, and spending his childhood Kemptville, Chris started in the culinary industry as a dishwasher at the age of 17 at the Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills.. Shortly after, his head chef encouraged him to get into the culinary field, and from then on provided him with a wealth of knowledge in the trade.

    During his time at the Brigadoon, Chris was executing Wine Tasting, Weddings, and New Years events to name a few. However, after four years, Chris needed something new and decided to apply at the Fresh Food Company as a Second Cook. Since being at Carleton, due to his hard work and passion for the craft, Chris has moved up to the position of Sous Chef.

    Chris loves Korean Food, bulgogi (불고기) samgyeopsal (삼계탕) topokki (떡볶이) to name a few, and his dream job is to one day work in culinary in South Korea.

    On his days off, he loves to sit back, relax, and watch terribly cheesy horror movies and spend time with his wife.