Happy Nutrition Month Ravens! Nutrition Month is a national Canadian campaign that highlights the important role that Registered Dietitians have in helping individuals live healthier lives.

This year’s theme “Ingredients for a healthier tomorrow” encourages you to explore the key “ingredients” needed to build a healthier future for you, the greater community and the planet! According to Dietitians of Canada, these are the complex factors that interact together to promote a sustainable food system:

Food Security

Poverty and food insecurity exists everywhere – even in our communities. Dietitians recognize the impact that food security status has on an individuals health and takes this into consideration when when providing advice and support. They also advocate for systems-level change.

Food Literacy

Dietitians can help you make the right food decisions by communicating evidence-based nutrition information and encouraging the acquisition of food skills. Additionally, dietitians address the external influences that impact people’s food decisions. Some common challenges students face when making food choices include lack of time due to studies, societal influences, food marketing, and the increasing accessibility of highly processed food and fast food.

Food Sovereignty

Every person has a right to food that is not only healthy and culturally appropriate, but that is produced in a way that is sustainable, equitable and values the rights of people and the sacredness of food. Some of the ways Dietitians are working towards food sovereignty include advocating for more access to nutritious food, adding traditional and culturally-appropriate menu choices, and providing food skills training so people can grow and cook their own food.

Sustainable Food Choices

As a consumer you have the power to make a positive difference by considering your food choices. Interested in learning more about how you can follow a more sustainable diet? Check out this article: How Can I Eat a More Sustainable Diet? – Unlock Food

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