This fall, we invite you to explore Carleton, make new friends, hang out with old friends and eat delicious food!

At Carleton Dining, we believe that health and flavour don’t need to be mutually exclusive. We’ve made sure to strategically plan our menus for both our main dining hall the caf and our retail locations including the food court to make sure you have nutritious options. Remember, all foods can be part of a healthy diet when eaten in moderation.

We’ve summarized some of the health & wellness programs we offer to help you navigate your dining at Carleton a little easier. Check them out below!

  • Do you live in residence and have nutrition questions related to our menus, your health, food allergies, or specific diets? We have a Registered Dietitian who can answer your questions. You can even book a virtual appointment with her! Click here to book an appointment now. If you are currently not living in residence but would still like to ask nutrition-related questions to our Registered Dietitian, we’ve got you! Send your questions straight to our Dietitian.
  • Do you have food allergies, and you want to know what steps we’ve taken to make sure students with food allergies are accommodated and taken care of? Check out our Food allergy page.
  • Following a vegan or vegetarian diet? Need to know if the food offered is halal? Want to know if there are local items included in our menus? We’ve made it easier for you to identify these important features on our menu items. Read about our dietary labeling.
  • Wondering if we have healthy options that are grab-n-go? We do! Check out our Get the Good Stuff page for more information.

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