Looking for a delicious lunch option that’s more exciting and functional? Grain bowls are the answer! They’re nutritious, practical, tasty, and with the different layers of texture and flavor, never boring. Plus, we love how versatile they are. Grain bowls are a great way to use up leftover vegetables and proteins, making your grocery dollars stretch that much further.

Did we mention they can also help keep you energized? Eating healthy foods like lean protein and whole grains helps keep blood sugar levels more stable so you can avoid those energy ups and downs.

In case the grain bowl phenomenon has completely passed you by, here’s the quick rundown:

  • Mix together just about any ingredients you want – typically including whole grains, vegetables, and a protein.
  • Put it in a bowl.
  • Call it lunch!

Once you get the hang of it, making up your own recipe is easy. But until then, we’ve broken down the components a little further for you:

The base
Push those greens aside (for a minute) and give whole grains a starring role! With so many whole grain products – from brown rice to quinoa and barley to bulgur – you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a whole grain base that’s perfect for you.

Now’s the time to bring on the greens. Leafy greens and green veggies are a treasure trove of nutrients like calcium, fiber, and vitamins such as A, C, K, and others. They also help your body unlock the energy from other foods, all while powering your health in so many other ways. Reach for kale, spinach, avocados, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, shredded green cabbage, asparagus, or collard greens – the options are endless!

Give protein a supporting role! While whole grains and greens lead the way, lean proteins like chicken, fish, and plant-based alternatives like beans, all make for great, nutrient-rich options you can feel good about adding to your bowl.

Dress it up
Don’t forget to top your creation with something special to give it that extra spice or crunch. This is an easy way to layer in flavors and ignite other ingredients. Some favorite grain bowl ‘dressings’ include: chopped walnuts, sesame seeds and dried fruits.

Lunchtime may be a time to break, but don’t put the brakes on your healthy meal plans! Grain bowls are a healthy and easy way to feed your potential.

Since everyone’s health history and nutritional needs are so different, please make sure that you talk with your doctor and a registered dietitian to get advice about the diet and exercise plan that‘s right for you.

Thank you to the Dietitians at feedyourpotential365 for the following blog! 

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