With backyard cookouts just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to enjoy our grilled favorites while still maintaining good health. We asked three of Aramark’s registered dietitians how they do it. Here are their top five tips for building a better burger:

1. Opt for lean cuts of meat – Aramark RD Sarah Craft suggests choosing lean meat. “Think 90/10 or less ground beef or ground turkey breast,” she says. “These leaner options provide high quality, complete protein while reducing overall intake of saturated fat and cholesterol.” Ground chicken is another great option. While not as popular as ground turkey, this lean and low-fat protein is an excellent alternative to beef. Feeling adventurous? Reach for bison! It’s also leaner than beef, full of flavor and similar in texture.

2. Stretch your burgers with plant protein – Mixing one cup of plant based protein with each pound of meat will add fiber and protein to our burgers while cutting down on the fat, according to Aramark RD Christa Jacobs. Try beans or legumes, lentils, or quinoa. The added bonus? Incorporating low-cost protein will stretch your meat budget even further this summer.

3. Mix in those veggies, too – “For a burst of colorfulness and extra nutrients, add some shredded zucchini and shredded carrots to the mix before forming your burgers,” Jacobs also suggests. Getting kids to eat their veggies by eating their burger? Count me And don’t forget about mushrooms! The “Blend” technique is an easy way to cut calories, saturated fat, and sodium in your burgers without sacrificing texture or taste.

4. Play up flavorful cheese – Love cheese on your burger? Craft recommends choosing cheese that is naturally lower in fat such as goat cheese or feta, or try using thin slices of other full-fat cheeses you might love such as cheddar or provolone to get the flavor with less saturated fat and calories. Another idea, sprinkle stronger-flavored blue cheese crumbles or shredded cheddar on top. Either way, you’ll still get the calcium and protein benefits and all the great taste.

5. Add some color – Want to skip the cheese? No problem. Aramark RD Abby Buettner recommends choosing sliced avocado instead. “Avocados are high in healthy (unsaturated) fats, taste great, and give your burger some amazing color!” she says. Speaking of color, don’t forget to pile on the veggies or other fruits to add a variety of different nutrients and flavors. Dark leafy greens, for example, offer a number of vitamins and fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium, in addition to other beneficial antioxidants.

Now you’re ready to up your burger game, so go ahead and mix-and-match tips here – you can’t go wrong! All will help you eat well, while not skimping on the fun.

Note: Since everyone’s health history and nutritional needs are so different, please make sure that you talk with your doctor and a registered dietitian to get advice about the diet and exercise plan that‘s right for you.

Thank you to the Dietitians at feedyourpotential365.com for the following article!

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