Spring is almost here. As we gear up in preparation for spring cleaning, our closets are usually the first order of business. But, have you ever considered spring cleaning your eating habits?

Take an “out with the old, in with the new” approach. Simple food swaps can have an outsized impact on your health over time and help you feed your potential every day with sustained energy and better nutrition. Jump into action with a few of these swap ideas:

1. The Bagel Swap

Swap Out: Plain Bagel      
Swap In: Whole Grain Bagel

Love your morning breakfast sandwich on a bagel or English muffin? Just swap out plain, refined bagels for a whole grain version and you’ll be adding almost twice the fiber which may help you keep your energy up and keep hunger at bay.

2. The Oatmeal Swap

Swap Out: Instant Oatmeal
Swap In: Steel-cut Oatmeal

If you prefer hot cereal year-round, swap out quick-cook types for the better choice—steel-cut oats. They’re less processed and higher in fiber and will help you stay fuller longer and focused through busy mornings.

3. The Sandwich Swap

Swap Out: Mayo or Ketchup
Swap In: Hummus or Avocado

Instead of mayo or ketchup, use hummus or avocado. These tasty additions to your favorite sandwich are packed with protein and the “good” fats that most of us could use more of.

4. The Fry Swap

Swap Out: French Fries
Swap In: Sweet Potato Fries

Love your fries—you’re not alone! Swapping out plain potato fries for the sweet potato version is a delicious, nutritious (and easy) swap.

5. The Salad Swap

Swap Out: Light Green (Iceberg)
Swap In: Dark Green (Spring Mix)

Swapping out almost any light green lettuce for a darker spring mix, baby spinach or even romaine can help boost the vitamin content (while adding more color and flavor too!).

6. The Pasta Swap

Swap Out: Plain, Refined Pasta
Swap In: Whole Grain Pasta

The pasta section in your store doesn’t look anything like it used to, so why should the pasta on your plate? Make the switch to whole grain pasta this spring. Have fun and try different shapes and brands until you find your favorite.

7. The Veggie Swap

Swap Out: Frozen or Canned
Swap In: Fresh and Local

While in many cases frozen and canned veggies are just as nutritious and good for you as fresh, now that spring is here it’s time to enjoy the fresh flavor of delicious seasonal produce. Save the frozen and canned stuff for later and enjoy the fresh flavors of spring!

Thank you to the Dietitians at feedyourpotential365 for the following blog! 

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