Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fresh Food Cook Off!

On Wednesday, January 25th 2017, three guest chefs came head to head in our Fresh Food Cook Off Event.

Each of them prepared a divine special meal, taking two days to prep, for the students and staff to taste and put to a vote. At the end of the day, after students voted on the Live+ App, one came out victorious by a small margin.

Congratulation is in order to Chef Daniel Poulin for coming out on top with his Oriental Rice Bowl.


Chef Daniel Poulins’ Oriental Rice Bowl: 37 votes

Chef Gabriele DiMatteo’s Soft Shell Pork Taco: 17 votes

Chef Ivann Charron’s Royal Couscous: 19 votes

93.15% of survey respondents would like to see this event again, and so do we!

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