Shawn Dauphin

Retail Sous Chef

Shawn Dauphin’s enthusiasm for the art of cooking has been present his entire life. As a young teenager he started his very first kitchen job in a small town in Southern Ontario. Cooking was one of his two first loves – food and music. His love of music is what brought Shawn to Ottawa, where he would later go on to own and operate his own record label titled Capital Boom Records. It is here in Ottawa where his passion for cooking culminated into a 15 year career. Cooking gave him the opportunity to engage his creative side and share his love of food with others.

Through hard work and dedication his love of food has lead him to much success. Shawn has been a key part of many prestigious events, such as acting as the Lead Cook for Team Brazil for the Pan Am games in 2015. His enthusiasm for his craft shines wherever he goes.

Shawn draws inspiration from his son, and as a result his favorite foods to prepare are classic comfort foods than can be shared as a family and remind him of growing up. He is excited to be able to provide this nourishment to the students at Carleton University, as well as an exciting dining experience where they can try new things.

Shawn is looking forward to growing even more to be the best chef that he can be. He prides himself on seeing every day as a humble opportunity to learn more, to lead the team to success, and most of all to continue his passion at Carleton University.