Live+ – A Healthier Way to Live on Campus


 Dining Services has introduced a new mobile app to our campus. Live Plus is your guide to eating smart, staying fit, and living better on campus. Find the latest feature items, get mobile coupons, and learn about better good food picks on campus. Check the app for weekly tips, tricks and hacks with will help you get fit, cook healthier, live greener, and eat better everyday. Whenever you engage with the app whether it is redeeming coupons, reading articles, or providing feedback you earn points that you can use to redeem prizes or enter draws.

We have always worked hard to create positive experiences and environments that enable students to live healthier lives, but can’t keep up in the day-to-day life our students. The reality is, the mobile world is growing immensely, and we want to engage this platform to improve student’s dining experience on campus. Furthermore, we want to engage other important aspects of mental wellness, fitness, sustainability, and more.


Here is a breakdown of some of the great features you’ll find:


  • Feautred Deals: monthly promotions- this is where you want to click for discounts on products sold at our dining services locations
  • Points: The more you interact with the app the more points earned. The more points you earn, the more you can redeem them in our rewards catalogue for giveaways and chances to win huge prizes such as a $1,000 gift card to LuLu Lemon.
  • Health and Wellness Articles: Recipes, nutrition know how, quick and easy fitness tips, and how to live green. These articles change weekly so the information is always new and fresh! Answer questionnaires to receive points!
  • Connect With Athletics: Once you sign up, the app becomes campus specific. This means that you have the chance to browse our Athletics department through and through. See our Raven’s game schedules, check out our offered classes, join an intramural team, and even collect points every time you go to the gym.
  • Contact Us; “Ask the Dietitian” a question, or give us any feedback/suggestions through “Your Voice Counts”.


Here is how to sign up:

  • Search “LiveItGoodPlus” in the App Store, or Google Play Store or use the links below
  • Download the app and Sign Up; make sure to pick Carleton University as your community so that you get discounts that are specific to our campus.
  • If you don’t have a phone, you can still log into the Live Plus website and create an account

Supporting your journey to health is important to us, and inspiring our communities to live better is our number one priority. This new app will help connect you to the information that will help you along the way!

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