‘Go Local’ Wednesday is Back!

What is ‘Go Local’ Wednesday?

in 2013 Carleton University Dining Services was awarded a grant from The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation.TV Screen and Go Local Wednesday

The objective of this grant is:

  • To increase the amount of Ontario food products purchased by Ontario’s broader public sector, specifically university, school and hospital food service
  • To enhance the capacity of the agri-food sector to access broader public sector food service

Creation of ‘Go Local’ Wednesday

Our team at Carleton University Dining Services elected to create a new branded station within the Fresh Food Company. This branded station would feature a specialty lunch option and specialty dessert option crafted by Chef Janik Quintal and Pastry Chef Richard Lafleche.


Our Definition of Local

For the ‘Go Local’ initiative we define ‘local’ as all products purchased within the Ontario Greenbelt.

DSC_8458 The Goals

Our goals for the event are:

  • Increase Ontario purchases by Carleton University Dining Services
  • Create a value added program to increase engagement with students without passing on extra costs
  • Increase awareness of available Ontario Greenbelt products

Why Only Once a Week?

This isn’t the only time we offer ‘local’ Ontario products in our operation. We offer ‘local’ products every day at the Fresh Food Company and at a variety of our retail locations. The identification and tracking of each individual product is a timely task. Our goal is to improve our ability to track and source our items more efficiently in order to expand on this program in the future.

How’s it Going? We have been running the ‘Go Local’ initiative every Wednesday since the start of September. We toured a group of students and faculty to local Ottawa Farms in order to educate on the availability of local products. From this tour we purchased cranberries from an Ottawa supplier and featured them at our Thanksgiving Dinner at the Fresh Food Company.

Update: Carleton University Dining Services were recently featured by the Greenbelt Foundation for the ‘Go Local’ Wednesdays. Read more about it here.

Once a month we even visit the Food Court in the University Centre to give away free samples of the local food we make for the ‘Go Local’ Wednesdays.

What’s Next?

We will be running the ‘Go Local’ initiative all year long every Wednesday! Reach out to us on Facebook or

Twitter to find out more!




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